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Some people wish that others could show some backbone.
Here at ORTHOmedic, our only concern is making sure yours is healthy.



The spine

Lumbago, slipped discs, posture problems and problems related to excess strain – unfortunately, problems with the spine are widespread, painful and can also be serious.

Here at ORTHOmedic, we use everything at our disposal to help patients with acute back problems – whether it’s advice or preventative treatment. Do not hesitate to contact us, even if your back problem seems insignificant. We are more than happy to give you advice and recommend physiotherapy or suitable sporting activities.

If surgery is necessary, you are in extremely capable hands with us. Most surgical procedures are minimally invasive. ORTHOmedic is specialised in these procedures.

Stabilisation of the lower lumbar spine

If a disc is overloaded for any length of time, the cartilage can start to change. The natural gaps between the discs subsequently change, which affects all parts of the joint. With a minimally invasive surgical procedure, the original size of the gaps between discs can be re-established. In this way, the back muscles remain undamaged, the patient recovers very quickly and will not usually experience any pain after the procedure has been carried out.

Treatment for vertebral fractures

Facet joint stiffness