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What might be the most important surgical procedure of your life starts with an incision that is not even 2 centimetres in length.




ORTHOmedic is one of the top centres for arthroscopies. Each of the physicians in our team has already carried out several hundred procedures. We also require our team members to pass on the expert knowledge they have acquired through research and experience. That’s why ORTHOmedic regularly provides physicians with training in this field with lectures, seminars and surgical courses. We also regard individual patient care and meticulous follow-up treatment as a number one priority.

The term ‘arthroscopy’ is derived from the Greek language and refers to examination of the interior of the joint. This technique has been used for 30 years and is constantly being perfected.

An arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure. That means, in contrast to open surgery, that minimal tissue damage occurs during the procedure. Procedures are carried out through two incisions of around 15 millimetres in length. A camera is inserted into one incision, while the necessary precision tools are inserted into the other to perform the procedure. The camera image is enlarged and displayed on a screen.

An arthroscopy provides the surgeon the possibility to confirm or complete any diagnoses made using examination, radiography or magnetic resonance techniques and to take appropriate measures to rehabilitate or heal the joint as part of the same procedure.

The benefits for the patient are also considerable. Arthroscopic procedures do not last as long as open procedures, cause less pain and the healing process is much faster. Usually they can be carried out as part of outpatient treatment without the extra hassle of hospitalisation. Arthroscopic procedures are usually carried out under general anaesthetic. In certain cases, spinal anaesthesia administered via the spinal cord is also possible, which means the patient can follow the entire procedure on the screen.