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ORTHOmedic is a certified centre for artificial joints (Centre for Endoprosthetics) As the joint replacement centre for Frankfurt-Offenbach, ORTHOmedic is specialised in joint replacement operations.

Professor Schofer is Deputy Director and Head Surgeon at the Centre for Endoprosthetics at the Rotkreuz clinic in Frankfurt. ORTHOmedic and the Rotkreuz Clinic are the first clinics in Frankfurt to have been awarded this type of certification. ORTHOmedic is the first clinic in Offenbach to be authorised to carry out hip and knee replacement surgery as a certified centre.

Artificial joint replacement (endoprostheses) in patients with joint disease is world renown for being a very effective surgical treatment procedure. Joint replacements aim to relieve pain and improve both mobility and quality of life in patients affected by joint disease. Professor Schofer has specialised in this type of surgical procedure for many years and is now responsible for treating patients at the ORTHOmedic centre for joints as well as at the Rotes Kreuz Hospital in Frankfurt am Main. He personally carries out around 400 joint replacement operations with insertion of artificial joints per year.

In Germany, almost 400,000 hip and knee replacement operations are carried out each year. But the quality of these operations varies.

That’s why the certification body EndoCert has released its own set of quality criteria on behalf of the German Society for Orthopaedics. ‘Patients are the ones who benefit most from our certification’, says Professor Schofer, ‘because the independent audit puts its main focus on patient safety and optimal surgical results.’

An experienced surgeon, a team of experts, high-quality treatment, a high number of cases and state-of-the-art medicine are among the TÜV criteria for clinics. ‘This certificate confirms the high quality of the medical care we provide to around 400 endoprosthesis patients each year at ORTHOmedic’, adds Professor Schofer. ‘Even if you’re using the most up-to-date methods and innovative technologies, these are very complex operations.’ The prerequisites for high quality are long-term experience, careful planning of the procedure, standardised post-op procedures as well as equipment, personnel and technology adapted to each individual patient’s needs.

Find out more at www.eprd.de [website currently only available in German].

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