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The elbow is the most robust joint in the human body after the knee. It is possible to build up a great deal of strength in the arm thanks to the strong ligaments and muscles spanning the elbow joint. However, the elbow is the second most likely joint in the body to become dislocated and is possibly the joint that is most frequently overloaded with strain.

Overstretching when lifting heavy objects, abrupt deceleration that may occur when practising ball sports or strain on one side as a result of repetitive movements can all put considerable strain on the elbow joint. Many ailments of the knee can be remedied with physiotherapy and medication. Here at ORTHOmedic, we can provide you with this care, and our experts are also on hand should you require surgery.

On this page you will find an overview of the most commonly occurring problems that affect the elbow. Many surgical procedures on the elbow can be carried out via arthroscopy. ORTHOmedic is specialised in this minimally invasive procedure. Your expert for elbow problems is Professor Schofer.

Tennis arm / elbow and golfer’s elbow

You’ve probably heard of tennis elbow before. From a medical perspective, it’s also one of the most common problems, but luckily, it’s also relatively simple to treat. First of all, it’s important to protect the tendons in the muscle system in the forearm that are under strain. Shockwave therapy, medication and physiotherapy are all possible methods of support. Operations are rarely necessary. We also treat the less common equivalent of tennis elbow that occurs on the inner side of the joint known as golfer’s elbow.

Loose bodies in the hip joint

Osteonecroses (e.g. osteochondritis dissecans/Panner disease)

Cubital tunnel syndrome (sulcus ulnaris syndrome)