• Markus Schofer
  • Ulrike Winkelmann
  • Markus Schofer

    Prof. Dr. med.
    Head of department

  • Ulrike Winkelmann

    Dr. med.

Welcome to ORTHOmedic

Your centre of expertise for major joints

Dear patients,

Thank you very much for visiting our page. First let us give you some information about us: ORTHOmedic is the place to go in the Rhein-Main region for gentle treatment and curative therapy of joint diseases. We don't just specialise in artificial joint replacements. We always try to carry out minimally invasive, arthroscopic treatment where possible.

Our main goal, however, is to avoid surgical intervention altogether. There are often other ways to treat joint disease, such as physiotherapy or alternative therapies. We are always happy to discuss all these types of therapy with you as part of our commitment to helping you improve your mobility and quality of life.

Why not take a look around our site? And if you think you might be interested in what we have to offer, we would be more than happy to arrange an appointment to discuss your options.

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