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A good surgeon is irreplaceable.
But it is possible to replace a bad joint.




Our team at ORTHOmedic is made up of qualified experts in endoprosthetics, i.e. artificial joint replacements. Unfortunately, joint replacements are sometimes unavoidable in cases of advanced arthrosis, necrosis or complex fractures. Everyone has probably already heard of the term ‘artificial hip’. But nowadays, it’s possible to replace many more joints using new materials and much less invasive methods of surgery.

Our top priority is to retain as much of the bone as possible if surgical intervention is necessary. We use prostheses made from titanium, ceramic and special forms of plastic, which are are tailor-made with millimetre precision and last for decades. Most varieties can be inserted without cement, which means they are accepted especially well by the body. On this page you can find an overview of the most commonly used endoprostheses.


Endoprostheses for the shoulder


Inverse prosthesis

If muscles and tendons are damaged, the socket and head of the shoulder joint change places to stabilise the shoulder.

Total endoprosthesis

Surface prosthesis


Endoprostheses for the hip


Short stem hip prosthesis

Primarily used in younger patients to retain as much bone substance as possible for subsequent replacement.

Hip resurfacing endoprosthesis

Total prosthesis


Endoprostheses for the knee



A very small partial prosthesis that only replaces the damaged cartilage. Can be inserted by means of a minimally invasive surgical procedure.

Unicompartmental knee endoprosthesis

Patellofemoral endoprosthesis

2/3 prosthesis

If only the inner segment and the segment below the kneecap are affected by arthrosis, a 2/3 prosthesis may be an option to consider. With this procedure, the outer segment of the joint and the ligaments remain intact.

Total knee endoprosthesis (surface replacement)

Coupled knee prosthesis


Endoprostheses for the elbow joint


Radial head prosthesis

Replaces the most delicate part of the joint, for example following a comminuted fracture or severe arthrosis.

Total prosthesis


Endoprostheses for the ankle joint


Total endoprosthesis

Even the ankle can be replaced with an artificial joint. The procedure restores mobility and resilience, even during sport.